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The Silver Lining

When I was first diagnosed, I received this book from my co-worker Karen.  Well I thought she was just someone I use to work with, turned out that she was a concerned friend.  Not only had she mailed this book to me, she also sent me a link to a Facebook cancer support group.  

It’s important to feed your mind with information that will help you on your journey and not hurt you.  I always tell Fighter’s and Survivor’s to choose carefully what you allow to enter your mental space during these times.  

“The Silver Lining” by Hollye Jacobs is an excellent read.  She takes you on her journey from the perspective of being a nurse working with patients and then being the patient herself and how she had to surrender to being the one that needed to be taken care of.

If you get a chance, pick this one up for yourself or for a friend. 

Dana Walker

I am a Daughter, Wife, Mom, Glamorous Grandmother, Business Owner and a Breast Cancer Survivor.

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