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My PET/CT Scan Experience


Let’s talk! I want to tell you about my PET/CT Scan experience. For the first time since being cancer free, my doctor placed an order for me to take a PET/CT scan.  I wasn’t quite sure what it measured, so I looked it up.  http://(

I took the scan during the beginning of COVID-19, so everything was out of the ordinary at Kaiser. No one gets in without a valid reason, they take your temperature twice! Once at the entrance and then a complete body temperature scan when you get inside.

A Little Humor to Lighten the Air

Once I was all checked in, I headed over to this mobile unit in the back of the facility. With all of the unusual activity going on due to COVID-19, the air was heavy so I decided to lighten it up with some humor. 🤗 To get inside the mobile unit, we had to step onto the lift that took us to the top, so I told the nurses assistant I felt like I was at Disneyland. 🤣😂 First I needed an E ticket to get through the door (temperature taking). (Ok I’m dating myself, they stopped using tickets ions ago.🤣) Then stepping on that platform reminded me of the ride at Disneyland, the Tower of Death.  I was now inside and seated and they inserted this mixture of dye intravenously and then I had to wait for an hour.

I Was Scared

It’s my turn, and they take me in the room with the PET/CT machine and I started freaking out! I mean really, I was scared. Now, I have a CT scan every year and I am good with that. But it was something about my PET/CT scan experience and the introduction to this new Goliath that was taking my breath away; literally!

I laid down, arms up over my head with the mask on my face.  I felt like a child that had been told to go to bed and kept getting up to ask if they could get up now. 🤣😂 While the nurses were on the other side of the wall, before we got started I was up asking, “how long will this take?” The response was longer than I wanted it to be, 20-25 minutes. Lord help me!

I lay back down, arms up over my head, mask still on. I hear over the speaker, “Ms. Walker, we are about to begin”. That little kid came back! Damn her! But this time I yelled out, “I’m taking this mask off! I can’t breathe!”😂

5,4,3,2,1 we are starting and all I could do is pray. And in the midst of the fear I heard a whisper say, “close your eyes, I got you”.

In the Midst of the Storm

There is something about knowing God, He always brings you peace in the midst of a storm.  I kept my eyes closed, but the devil was busy. He kept telling me, open your eyes and I knew if I did I was going to shimmy my way out of mouth of the Goliath that was there to see if the cancer was back.  With my eyes closed, I could tell I was slowly being fed into the goliath’s mouth because the light that reflected through my eye lids was now gone. I prayed and took deep breaths, prayed again and took deep breaths, while following instructions to be perfectly still.

Years had passed (just kidding, it felt like it) and the devil was in my ear again.  “Open your eyes” is what I heard, and in my head, I replied, “NO DEVIL!” But this time when I heard it, there was light on the back of my eye lids.  Had I made it through the tunnel of darkness? Was it over? So, I stepped out on faith and opened my eyes and to my surprise I had made it through the tunnel and the scan.


Sometimes the scariest things are the things that WE put in our minds.  I am claustrophobic, and in my mind, I had turned this machine and my PET/CT scan experience into something bigger than what it was. My mindset manifested 20 minutes of FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) over absolutely nothing.

For those of you that are claustrophobic, I would recommend that you take with you an eye mask to cover your eyes.  I think that if I would have had an eye mask, I could have satisfied the urge to open my eyes and still be behind the darkness of not seeing the cylinder walls around me.

Until next time, stay safe and God Bless.

Dana Walker

I am a Daughter, Wife, Mom, Glamorous Grandmother, Business Owner and a Breast Cancer Survivor.

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