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Anita Cares

Bra, Mastectomy Bra, Lingerie, Bra and Panty, Wire Free Bra

AThe perfect fit – Maximum comfort – A high quality standard – A fashionable, feminine look.  Anita knows that a breast cancer diagnosis can derail the life of those affected.  Cinderella’s Closet Lingerie has chosen to add the Anita brand to our inventory because we see that Anita Care wants to support the affected women in any way they can through this difficult time with their care products.

Based on many years of experience and working with women affected by breast cancer, Anita Care is an expert in the area of breast care.  They not only develop breast prostheses and compensatory cups, coordinated mastectomy bras and mastectomy swimwear, but also products for the perfect post-operative treatment.  The right post-op care is always needed after any operation, and this includes a breast augmentation, mastectomy, conservation as well as enhancement or reduction.   The Anita Care range also provides specialist products, including compression bras, lymphatic relief bandages and much more to support a quick healing process.

I have always said that we lose so much in the process of trying to get better and the goal of Anita Care is to make women feel comfortable and secure in themselves, as well as helping them see their beauty and femininity.  We are honored to offer the Anita Care product line to our clients. 

Dana Walker

I am a Daughter, Wife, Mom, Glamorous Grandmother, Business Owner and a Breast Cancer Survivor.