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I am a Daughter, Mom, Grandmother, Wife, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker & a Breast Cancer Survivor.

While on my cancer journey, I found that other women like myself were emotionally broken.  Though we were thankful to be alive, we realized that somewhere along the way to recovery, we had lost our “Pretty”.

I told myself, “When I get through this, I am going to open a boutique for Breast Cancer Fighters and Survivors and provide products and services that reach into the emotional well-being of Breast Cancer Fighters and Survivors.

The name of my boutique is Cinderella’s Closet Your Specialty Lingerie Boutique; Cinderella’s Closet Lingerie for short. When I named my boutique, I thought about the Cinderella story I was told as a little girl, but for me after my battle with cancer the story had a different meaning.  I believe that Cinderella, though she had a fairy godmother to rescue her from her unfortunate situation, everything that she truly needed to overcome her circumstance was already within her; Faith, Courage and Determination, qualities that every Breast Cancer Fighter and Survivor has embedded in their soul.